Australian Chandlery Becomes New Distributor for WaveFront TillerClutchTM

Chapel Hill, NC—WaveFront, Inc. has added a well-established Australian marine company, Harts Chandlery - Captain Sturt Boat Supplies, to its growing list of national and international retailers marketing the WaveFront TillerClutchTM .

The TillerClutch is a simple, robust and intuitive tiller-control accessory that gives short- and single-handed sailors moments of hands-free steering with the simple click of an on/off manual lever mounted beneath the tiller. It has been praised for its ease of installation and use, one-handed operation, and the minimum cockpit space it uses.

"We are very excited to become the Australian distributor for the TillerClutch,” said Don Hart, who owns the chandlery with his partner Linda in Goolwa, South Australia. Although purchased by the Harts in 2019, the marine supply store Captain Sturt Boat Supplies has been trading in Goolwa, South Australia for more than 25 years. Goolwa, is located at the mouth of the Murray River near the South Australian capital of Adelaide. Goolwa has a vibrant yachting community and is home to one of Australia's oldest yacht clubs, the Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club and also hosts a bi-annual wooden boat festival.

“We are always seeking ways to make sailing an easier and more pleasurable experience for sailors of all levels,” said Don noting that his business caters to a fleet of trailer sailors and vintage-timber boat sailors. ”The WaveFront TillerClutch can help us do that. It is an efficient, sleek and stylish system with favorable user and magazine reviews since 2015 (e.g. Practical Boat Owner). Customers have been discussing this product with us, and we have many solo and short-handed sailors who will benefit greatly from it.”

Local Goolwa Sailor Steve Hewer has installed the TillerClutch™ on his Sunbird 25. “The TillerClutch is brilliant! It’s so easy to install and use. It holds the boat true to its course and I have no qualms now leaving the helm to go forward” Steve said.

“We are very pleased to work with Don and Linda to ensure that Australian sailors have easy access to the TillerClutch,” said Pete Crawford, inventor and WaveFront co-owner with his wife Katherine Smart. “We think the Goolwa community, in particular, will enjoy having a product that makes sailing tiller-steered boats more enjoyable. We also believe that the Harts are an excellent addition to our fleet of retailers, based on their boating experience.”

Don Hart has a lifetime history in yachting, having sailed and competed locally, nationally and internationally in dinghies, skiffs and small keelboats. He has worked in the industry in retail, wholesale and manufacture. Through the chandlery, he is helping boat owners and sailors repair, renovate or update their yachts.

More about Harts Chandlery - Captain Sturt Boat Supplies

Located at Captain Sturt Marina at 237 Liverpool Rd, Goolwa, the chandlery provides a broad range of quality marine supplies, yacht fittings and nautical decor. The company prides itself on assisting customers with high-quality service and creating an environment that invites people to call them to see what they have in store and to discuss their boating needs. “Our approach is, ‘If we haven't got it, then we will do our best to get it, at the best price we can,’" said Hart.

For more information, or to purchase, phone 08 8555 5151 or email

About WaveFront, Inc.

Based in Chatham County, WaveFront is a family-owned-and-operated sailboat accessory business that has invented two models of the TillerClutch that can be viewed at and purchased through the Australian distributor, Harts Chandlery in Goolwa. A list of international distributors is available on line.

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