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Sailing alone or short-handed? Need some time away from the tiller to handle other tasks? Get a TillerClutch. 

The Wavefront TillerClutch is a compact, highly refined mechanical device that helps you sail hands-free with just the click of a lever. 

Backed by a manufacturers warranty the TillerClutch gives you a firm hand on the tiller, whenever you need it. It can free you from the helm when you need to reef, furl, tack, drop a sail, quickly grab food equipment, set sail and anchor. It can help hold the tiller when the steering gets tough.

Built with marine quality metals in the USA, this patented device is designed to give you the best adjustable tiller control experience possible. Simply click a lever beneath the tiller with a finger of your steering hand, and you can release or engage a control line tha tinstantly enable precise steering adjustments.

No more protruding knobs to turn, friction to fight, fragile plastic to break, ropes to knot or bungee cords to adjust.

Click on the below links to view YouTube video of the TillerClutch in action.

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